Next Steps

Pursuing a relationship with God doesn’t end at the church doors. Here are some steps to help you grow into who God wants you to be.

1. Commit to Christ

If you want to learn more about how to do this you can contact us at 509.327.4422.

Then get baptized. Baptism celebrates the new life you’ve been given. To learn more, attend our next baptism class:

Dedications for babies and young children

Believing that baptism is an outward expression of one’s faith in God, we do not baptize children who are too young to make a profession of faith. However, we offer families the opportunity to dedicate their baby or child to God, and to commit themselves to raise their child in a Godly fashion. Click here for next steps.

2. Get involved

Membership at Life Center doesn't require any vows or classes. You just have to get involved! We believe the best way to do this is through Meet, Seek, Serve, Give, Share. 


Build relationships and learn about God at Life Center on weekends and in Life Groups.


Seek God daily in prayer, Bible reading, and journaling. Our Bible reading plans offer a good place to start.


You are needed. Donate your time and talents at Life Center and in the community.


Give back to God through tithes and offerings


Find someone you love, tell them what you know about Jesus, and bring them to church with you.