Globe International

Learn more about our partnership with Globe International, and the work happening in Nicaragua:

Sandy Carter, who directs the Globe International ministry in Nicaragua, grew up in Colombia, South America, as the daughter of New Tribes missionaries.  She has worked with her family for many years in missions.  In 1998, Sandy and her family moved to Managua, Nicaragua to minister to the poor and orphaned children.  Her first project was to complete the construction of an orphanage in the mountain village of Jinotega, where Life Center short-term missions teams have served.  Today, Sandy oversees almost 50 children who live in a loving Christian home environment in Jinotega.  Sandy next started a feeding program located throughout the slum areas of Managua, Nicaragua’s capital.  The programs employ local Nicaraguan cooks and local pastors to minister to the children.  It is Sandy’s vision to utilize these feeding programs to plant local churches and allow the churches to then use the feeding programs as part of their evangelical outreach.

In 2007, the ministry completed a beautiful infant orphanage that houses about 20 infants who were abandoned or orphaned at birth.  The infant orphanage is set on a large piece of property that also houses an orphanage for adolescent boys and an agricultural project that helps support the orphanages and the feeding program in Managua.  Life Center short-term missions teams have worked at this facility.

Los Cedros houses the Boys Ranch and the Home of New Hope.  Boys ages 11-16 live at the ranch and help tend the gardens that are part of the agricultural project.  These young men are also taught life skills and offered counsel for their future as men in Nicaragua. The younger children, from infants to five year olds, live in the Home of New Hope.  The third orphanage is in the mountains in Jinotega and houses many of the older girls and a few younger boys, ages 6-12.  The teenage girls who reside there are taught life skills and are offered further education beyond high school if they desire. The ministry provides food, clothing, shelter and education for all of these children.  Several of the children are enrolled in private school and all the children take English classes.

Recently, the ministry has added a new feeding program in the Los Brasiles community.  They have a beautiful new structure, which includes a feeding shelter and a kitchen area.  This outreach program has also added two preschools, life-skills classes for youth, and a metal shop for young men to learn employable skills. Life Center teams have ministered in Los Brasiles by offering prayer to the neighboring people in the barrios, support to the on-site director, mini-VBS assistance, and manual labor for needed improvements to the property. There are plans to plant a church with a local pastor, using the feeding program to reach the community for Christ.

Gary and Gail Justesen spent time in Nicaragua July 7-16, 2010, making contact with Forward Edge International.  This organization mobilizes hundreds of volunteers each year to alleviate suffering through disaster response work, health care projects and programs for vulnerable children.  Since it was founded in 1983, more than 11,000 volunteers have served with Forward Edge in 35 nations, including the U. S.  Forward Edge International offers churches worldwide service opportunities, complete on-site coordination of outreaches, experienced on-site facilitators, and practical preparatory materials, such as training manuals, devotional guides, and cultural handbooks.  They carry much of the administrative load for churches engaged in outreach short-term mission ministry.  More information is available on their website at